“From little acorns, big oaks grow!!”

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This week we see the launch of Charm of the Chosen One - a fantasy story written by a local young author - Anya Elisabeth aged 15.

The story tells of another world parallel to our own but shows an element of today’s modern society problems - bullying - and how the heroine copes with it.

Anya is the latest young writer mentored and published under the Kids4Kids banner.



This last two weeks has seen the start of the 'Cardiff Children's Literature Festival.'

The event features Authors and Illustrators who bring a cast of colourful characters from the world of children's writing aimed predominately at youngsters aged 3-11.

It features many well known, such as The Gruffalo and Harry Potter but also welcomes the newest of story characters in both English and Welsh. There are over 40 exciting events, in and around Cardiff,  during the two week period which will satisfy all book-lovers.

I am off to a lecture tonight hosted by Horatio Clare and Philipa Milnes-Smith. It doesn't matter how long you have been writing there is always something new to learn.

A member of our local SCBWI Association Claire Fayers will be attending and we shall have a stand to greet and meet potential writers/illustrators who want to learn more about us.


An interesting, surprising and pleasing item of news is that one of my four Grand-daughters, who lives in Australia, and who loves writing poetry and fantasy stories has decided to set up a small business selling new and used books. She also intends to start a blog and wants to offer help to other potential writers in Australia. To do this she has set up a website and is spreading the word about Kids Who Write and Kids4Kids. As I mentor writers of all ages she has asked me if I will support her in this venture. How can I refuse? Especially as 2 out of 4 of my grand-daughters are already in print and I certainly want to encourage this one as well. Waiting to see the finished results of her book and hopefully will get to see it in print as well.

(If you would like to support her in this new venture by joining her mailing list it would be most appreciated.

This is the link: )

Reading has always been a big thing within our family. Both my daughters are avid readers and big book collectors. My youngest has often been heard to tell her kids 'in the event of a fire save my books before anything else!' Needless to say you can imagine their response as she must have over 400 books not including the electronic ones!!


Recently I was asked to attend a local Primary School Ffynnon Taf, Cardiff. They have a small writers group organised by a local charity and I was asked if I would like to be interviewed for the Schoogle Magazine. Of course I was delighted to do so. The day proved to be a successful one although I had to laugh when the final question asked was “What is your most embarrassing moment?” Fortunately I managed to avoid responding although to be honest I am not sure that I could actually remember one. As I told the children the joy of being my age is that “You tend to forget your mistakes but better still you try to learn from them.”

If you have a writers group at your school and would like to meet an Author then please feel free to contact us.


During the Summer we launched a new book by a young Australian writer we have been mentoring - Yami Gray (pen-name). Originally from Britain Yami now living in Australia, has been writing and illustrating since she was young.

‘Can You Hear Me’ is a collection of poems Yami wrote between the ages of 11 and 15 years old. A number of them are complimented by Yami’s own illustrations of lithographic Black & White line-art images. The poetry is a little dark for one so young but they make excellent reading for those interested in unusual poems and are relevant to the times and the feelings of a teenager.

Later this year we are hoping to launch the book of another new young writer who lives in the Cardiff area. Currently her manuscript is under-going editing prior to being ready for publication. This is a fantasy story and may well be the start of a series of books by the same writer. Only time and exams will tell.