“From little acorns, big oaks grow!!”

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On this page we promote and offer for sale the books written for young writers. Why not send us what you have written for review and inclusion on this website.

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Little Friends The Woodland Christmas Ball Book Little Friends Ouch it Hurts and The Missing Ants  Book Little Friends Bella's Birthday Surprise Book Little Friends Timmy's New Friend and Playing Hide & Seek Book Little Friends Timmy's New Friend and Playing Hide & Seek Book Little Friends Timmy's New Friend and Playing Hide & Seek Book

 Ouch It Hurts - Bobo the Baby Rabbit is playing with his brothers and sisters. When he gets tired he goes to sit under the big mushroom nearly squashing Emily Hedgehog who quickly rolls into a ball. She frightens poor Bobo and pricks him with her spikes. Bobo doesn’t know about Emily Hedgehogs spikes, do you? Emily tells him why she has them and how they protect her. Once Bobo knows that Emily didn’t mean to hurt him they become good friends.

 Bella’s Birthday Surprise - Flora Frog, Godfrey Grasshopper and all the Little Friends have gathered in the woods as they are organising a birthday party for Bella Bee. Everyone joins in, Bennie Bug, Betsy Beetle, Sarah Butterfly and Leah Ladybird who are collecting nice things for the party. Carrie Caterpillar and Godfrey Grasshopper are going to get Bella a present and a cake. Everyone will be at the party, Freddie Fly, the Glow-worms and even Sammy Spider. The Ants are bringing their musical instruments so everyone can dance. Come and join the fun and see how happy Bella Bee is with the big surprise.

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 The Missing Ants - Flora Frog is sat enjoying the sunshine when she hears that Abby Ant’s sister Annie Ant and her brothers Alex and Andy Ant are missing. Bella Bee and Dolly Dragonfly go off to try to find them but they can’t. Poor Abby Ant becomes upset so Boris Wasp tries to find them. Soon he comes back with good news and before long the missing Ants come sailing down the river. This makes everyone very happy and Abby Ant goes sailing away into the sunshine.

 Playing Hide & Seek - Dora Dormouse is on her way to have tea with Timmy Tortoise when she comes across Alex Ant. He asks Dora  to help him as he needs to count to ten before he can go find the hidden ants. Dora tries to help but she has to ask Sammy Spider for help. But even Sammy can’t count to ten. When Godfrey Grasshopper comes along he tells them what to do and they manage to count to the right number. Once they have Alex Ant can go and look for the hidden ants. Can you help Alex Ant count the right numbers and find the hidden ants?  

 Timmy’s New Friend - Timmy Tortoise is a sad and lonely tortoise because he hasn’t got a friend. Dora Dormouse tries to help Timmy by asking who he has asked to be his friend. Timmy tells Dora about Sammy Spider, Fred Fox, Sarah Butterfly and The Ants. Timmy Tortoise thinks they are all special animals so they can’t be his friend. Dora Dormouse knows Timmy is right about them all being special but then she has a brilliant idea as to who can be Timmy Tortoises’ friend. Can you guess who it is?

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 The Woodland Christmas Ball - It’s winter time and all the Little Friends are getting ready to go to sleep. But first they are going to have a big party. Flora Frog gets everyone tidying the clearing and sends Bennie Bug, Leah Ladybird and Betsy Beetle to gather food to eat. Sammy Spider helps, and so does the Glow-worms, Godfrey Grasshopper and Freddie Fly. They even ask some special friends to join them. And the ants are bringing their musical instruments to play so the Little Friends can dance. Sarah Butterfly is very excited as she loves party’s. Do you?